Weekly service with Southwestern Pools includes:

Balance chemicals
Record chemical level data and alerts.  Record   kept at pool site.
Skim surface debris
Brush walls and steps
Empty skimmer/pump baskets (includes deck traps and cleaners)
Inspect pool equipment for proper function

Included Chemicals are chlorine tabs, muriatic acid, DE powder, Sodium Bicarb, and Soda Ash
Vacuum pool floor*
Backwash filter* (DE included)
Clean salt cell*
Lube backwash piston/pump lid o-rings*
Clean debris filter screens for in floor systems*
Unclog vacuum cleaner turbines/diaphragms*
Unclog pump impellers*

             *As needed services

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At Southwestern Pools we believe honesty and hard work go a long way in the Pool industry.  Please call or text Tim today to discuss our service options.   You may also click on the Contact Us link at the top of the page. Thanks for visiting.

Monthly Service Rates

$89 - $109*

*for most play and diving pools